Friday, January 8, 2010

A New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! Sorry it has been so long since our last posting. We have had a lot going on in the Credille household. We found out on November 13th that Ava is going to be a big sister. We told our families at Christmas and are now anticipating the arrival of the next member of our family. Baby Credille is due on July 24th. As many of you know, I was very sick when pregnant with Ava. Well, this baby is also causing some sickness but not as bad as it was when I was pregnant with Ava. Tomorrow, I will be 12 weeks and we are hopeful that the nausea will start to decrease.

We had a great Christmas. Santa brought Ava a wagon and she absolutely loves it. Ava also got lots of developmental toys, clothes, and the "Your Baby Can Read" DVD program. We are very excited about it.

Ava is growing so much. She is saying a few new words: "Ball" and "Boo". She also blows kisses now without demonstration and is commando crawling. She will also stand for a little while when her back is against the couch.

Ava got her first haircut today and it looks so good. Ava sat very still in my lap and did not cry. We were so proud of her. Michelle at Park Place Salon did an excellent job. Thankfully, Angie and Sadie were both there and were willing to take photos and video the moment. I know, cheesy, but very much worth it!

May God bless you all during this new year!

Lots of love!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am sorry for taking so long to post. We have had a busy few weeks. Ava is doing a lot of new things. She has begun to transfer from laying on her stomach to sitting up, sitting up to laying on her stomach, she has 2 teeth now, and has all of sudden become a shy little girl. She is growing like a weed! She has had her MMR and Chicken Pox shots as well as the 1st RSV shot of the season and 1st round of the flu shot.

We have recently taken some new pictures of Ava. I am going to post a few of them on this site.

We hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party @ The Deans

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ava's 1st Halloween Party

Ava attended her 1st Halloween parties yesterday. Her class at daycare partied all day long. Ava was responsible for taking 7 bananas to class. Daddy picked her up from school (a.k.a. daycare) and took her out to the Outpatient Rehab Halloween Party at the Hippotherapy Barn. Ava was dressed as a peacock and she was so cute! Ava rode a horse for the first time yesterday. She had fun as long as the horse (Wrangler) was moving. She cried everytime he stopped. Ava has been invited to her first Halloween costume party this weekend. I will try to post some pictures from it this weekend.

Thank you for taking the time to read our post.

Jeff, Connie, and Ava